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Card Cheating

Education about card cheating:

It should be safe to say that the origins of card cheating are as old as the first card game. As card games developed, so did illegitimate methods of advantage play. Although, methods to beat card cheats developed, the card sharks fired back. It seems to be a never ending battle between "good and evil" and you do not have to fall a victim of it.

If you are going to play cards you should learn a few facts about card cheating. This is of course not to say that you should cheat - you should only learn what to look for.

In nature the wolf will most likely attack the weak lamb. In a card game, the sharks love to go after easy targets. If you know nothing about card cheating you make yourself an easy target and most likely, sooner or later, you will fall into the hands of a card shark. By contrast, if you learn a thing or two about the subject of card cheating you minimize the chance of becoming a victim. Of course you never completely eliminate the possibility of being cheated, you only stand better chances in the real world.

Cheating with cards is a widespread occurrence. Methods range from the most simple tricks used by amateur card cheats and opportunists, all the way to the most sophisticated orchestrated scams, some of which would make a great plot for a movie. In addition cheats can be cashing in on pennies or millions at the time.

By official definition, cheating is "any deliberate action during a game of chance or skill, that alters the outcome of the game". The outcome of the game is of course altered for the benefit of the cheat, in one way or another. The bottom line is if you know what to look for, you stand a better chance at detecting card cheating. But how would you know what to look for? Visit the rest of this site and read the chapters.

In this site I offer thorough information about card cheating. The knowledge you gain here is intended for your protection only and not to be applied in a game of cards. This is why I do not offer any descriptions of crooked moves nor do I offer exercises in card sharping. My sole intention is to help good card players get even better by educating them about the illegitimate aspect of the game and to make you want to read more, I tried to make all the text not only educational but also fun to read.

The articles and chapters are updated regularly and it is recommended that you revisit the site periodically. In addition to the articles you may also visit our bulletin board and post questions and comments about card cheating and other crooked gambling issues.

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