Poker Texas Hold'em Cheating

Texas Hold'em Poker Cheating

Cheating in Poker:

"Trust everybody, but cut the cards." - Finley Peter Dunne

With the growing popularity of poker, especially the televised Texas Hold'em tournaments, any serious poker player cannot afford to miss the information on our site. Anyone who wants to be a consistent winner will need more than luck to beat the game. Poker has always been a game for cheaters. This fact is not likely to change any time soon.

this guide will primarily focus on live poker games, with real people, played with real cards. Cheating is possible in home poker games, illegal card rooms and even in regulated casinos and gambling halls. With the growing popularity of tech internet a new kind of poker game was born: online poker.

Some people will try to tell you that online poker rooms are the safest place to play. You will hear explanations such as: the dealer is a program; programs don't cheat; you don't have to worry about any sort of illegal card handling. All this is rubbish. Yes, the dealer is a program, but a program is a sequence of commands programmed by a programmer. Have you ever heard of computer viruses? Well, those are also programs, but what good do they do? Anyone who believes that online poker is a safe environment, is a sucker. Online poker rooms are illegal outlets run by the same people who run adult sites. Your best bet to be a consistent winner, at any poker game, live or online, is to cheat. By cheating you are at least guaranteed to be "in". And in poker, you are either "in" or "out".

It is important to realize that the best platform for cheating at poker is an environment where you can control as many variables as possible. Since you are not the person running a poker site, you should forget about online poker and focus primarily on live games. In live games you can see the suckers, touch the cards, control the attention of your opponents, and most importantly, you don't have to give away any of your personal information (such as your name, credit card number, etc...). The money is right there in the same room and all you have to do is figure out how to walk away with some of it.

There are many methods to cheat at poker, and card games in general. You can implement crooked gambling moves (such as second dealing, bottom dealing, false shuffles, cold deck, etc...), you can use collusion techniques, or you can use various crooked gambling gaffs (such as marked cards, daub, luminous readers, and numerous other cheating gaffs).

Fortunately most of your opponents have no idea how to use proper advantages at the card table. Most people will simply gamble because they believe they have good odds of catching a card that will improve their hand. this is where you can implement proper techniques to take the money. Let the sucker catch one of the cards to complete his flush, but let that card also pair the board. What will the sucker do with his nut flush when he is looking at a possible full-house (or even quads) and you confidently go all-in? Only the sucker knows what he will do, but you hope that he will fold so that you can take down the pot and never show your hand.

Mike Caro one said something along the lines of, "The winner in poker is not the player that wins the most pots, or catches the best hands; the winner is the player that makes the most money."

This should be your goal whenever you sit down at a poker table. You want to be the player that makes the most money, but you also want to keep a low profile because you never want to be suspected of cheating. So, it is better to win several smaller pots, and never show down your hand, as opposed to winning one memorable pot and showing down your monster hand. let others show down their monster hands and take down the big pots. Just put your bucket under the leaky pipe and soon you'll have all their money through a series of small wins. If you play poker on regular basis with the same group of people, you should not try to be the chip leader every time. As long as you are consistently second best you will be the number one winner in the long run. Just take the money, and let the other players have the glory.

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