Second Dealing

Second Dealing & Card Cheating

Introduction to second dealing:

Second dealing is a crooked gambling move used by cards cheats. When second dealing the cheat will deal the card second from the top as opposed to the top card of the deck. Second dealing is a useful cheating move in blackjack as well as other games. The point of second dealing is for the card cheat to either keep a desirable card for himself or his partner, or to deal a less desirable card to one of the opponents.

Second dealing is often used in conjunction with marked cards. However if marked cards are not used the cheat may peek at the top card to learn its identity. Once the card cheat knows the identity of the top card he can quickly determine if he would be better off dealing the second card instead.

Second dealing does not guarantee a win on every round. As with any other card cheating strategies it just gives the cheating card player an edge over the other players. In the long run this mathematical edge results in a profit (or loss to the other card players).

There are two basic types of second dealing. One is the strike second and the other is the pushoff second. In the strike second the cheat exposes the back of the second card by pushing the top card to the side. Once the second card is exposed the cheat deals it by catching it with his thumb. The pushoff second is more complicated. The cheat will push the top two cards to the side together as one and catch the second card by its face in order to deal it.

Second dealing has a few giveaways. One giveaway of second dealing is the sound of the second card being dealt. Another giveaway is the grip of the deck, although it should be noted that some cheats may overcome both of these obstacles.

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